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for some perspectiive
. . . the other side
to a preconceived conclusion !

Climate Change Global Warming   > now down-graded ?

 . . . An Alternenative Viewpoint !
Warning Reading this ( and understanding it & the consequences ) may be detrimental to your "career prospects" . . .
your mental state. . . your health . . .  if taken too seriously AND you want to change the World !
DISCLAIMER : he views presented here are personal
AND NOT necessarily endorsed by the Management ( of CHROMTECH ) 

Excellent Review of CC 2019

( & NOT Too-Technical )

Albeit this also tends to igno re Water Vapor ( as per the IPCC & tends most other "consensists")  and the
"main" GHG protagonist

But well-worth the Read !

- for a bit more perspective

rather than ban "coal"
> eating meat and electric  cars (in Australia)
maybe curb bushfires
( controlled burning/undergrowth clearance )
( look what eliminating dirty coal/heating) to NG
did in Euro/London etc in the '50s
> "clean" coal for electricity > Nuclear
some 3rd World Initiatives > BIOCHAR for The Real CARBON POLLUTION
particulates Ph2.5
AND NOT just CO2 removal a "furphy"
Long term > Sequestration NO!

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Abstract . . . 
2p of 617 minipages

Authors Introduction
Miracles in Tiny Doses
Sources of Carbon Dioxide
Enhancing Food Supplies
Non Food Crops
Real World Stucies
P1ant Responses to higher C02 Levels
24 Things More C02 Helps Plants Do Better
The Physiology of C02 Enrichment
Down in theWeeds
Carbon dioxide is truly the gas of life, a miracle molecule that makes all
life on Planet Earth possible. As numerous studies have demonstrated ,
plants thrive best when CO2! levels are high - in the atmosphere or in
greenhouses and hot houses. More carbon dioxide means enhanced rates
of photosynthesis and biomass production for virtually every kind of
plant, and every part of eyery plant.
Carbon dioxide is a powerful weapon in the global war on poverty,
malnutrition, hunger and species extinction. One of the worst th ings that
could happen to our planet and the people, animals and plants
inhabiting it would be for carbon dioxide levels to plunge back to lewels
last seen before the Industrial Revolution: from 400 ppm today to 280 or
290 ppm in 1870.
Decreasing CO2- lewIs would be especially problematical if Earth cools, in
response to the sun entering another "quiet phase," as happened during
the Little Ice Age, particularly the Maunder Minimum. a prolonged
period of minimal sunspots, from 1645 to 1715 , when civilizations all OWl'
the world reported bitterly cold  winters, short summers and growing
seasons, crop failures, malnutrition and starvation.
If Earth cools again , growing seasons would shorten and arable cropland
would decrease in the northern temperate zones. We would then need
every possible molecule of carbon dioxide - just to keep agricultural
production high enough to stave off mass starvation.. and saw wildlife
habitats from being plowed under to replace crop land lost in higher
latitude areas like Canada, northern Europe and Russia .
However , even under current conditions, crops and other plants, animals
and people will benefit from more carbon dioxide . The "gas of life" is a
miracle plant fertilizer that helps land. lake, river and ocean plants grow
and prosper greening the planet, nourishing wildlife habitats, and
feeding Earth's growing populations of people who craw larger bounties
of more nutritious food.
The gas of life also reduces the harmful effects of ozone and other
pollutants, and of prolonged heat, drought and flooding that would
shrivel or even kill plants under less optimal CO2 conditions.
Carbon dioxide performs as many miracles for our planet as antibiotics
and immunizations have for mankind. That is an amazing fete for a
colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that represents just 0 .04 percent of our
atmosphere: the equivalent of just 4 0 cents out of $1000 or 1.4 inches on
a football field!

currently 0.14C per decade . . . ( measurement error +/- 0.07C )
& historically almost insignificant !
NASA concedes 0.7deg C over the last 100 years despite CO2 increasing from ~300 to 420ppM . . . and othtng compared to
the IPCC, Al Gores ' ; Tim Flannery' projections . . . now being widely ridiculed !

  • Anthropogenic  ?. . . NOT proven . . . 10% at worst !

  • Global Warming precedes CO2 increase by 400 to 800 years

  • Where does ALL the CO2 go ?

    The oceans are a vastly greater"sink" (buffer) of CO2

  • The cause of Global Warming is ultimately complex 
    NOT known!
    . . . clouds & water vapor is too complicated for ICPP

  • the "doomsayers "tend to  cherry pick " t and to suite whatever "hidden agenda'  . . . cases of data being manipkated even !
    . . . and they've misinterpret ed their own data ?


 > latest Satellite Temperature Data

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  • LDetek AppNote LD-12 Greenhouse Gas GC

    • gas standards, Tedlar Sampling bags, even silcosteel cans, 
      GC/MS air concentrators . . . for more toxic  gases and real issues, real pollutants.

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re GLOBAL WARMING . . . downgraded to Climate Change ?

Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change
Senator Malcolm Roberts "Expose" 2016

some Blogs

but generally his . . . Ideas (are  just NOT ) Worth Spreading

FOR . . . 
nternational Panel on Climate Change ( UN sponsored ) and the "gang" of 97%
Al Gore
Tim Flannery . . . the ABC . . . and most of "THE Establishment" . . . many of the media "rabble"
they've had their "over-publicised" say . . . let the"deniers" have a go

MY brief Summary as ex CSIRO SCientists / Chemist . . .a jbt beyond the average "nerd"

. . . . "sea levels will rise by 100 foot in the next 100 years flooding whole countries
"Global Warming" of 8 to 10 degrees killing millions of people . . . catastrophe "doom & gloom ! "

Politicians, the bureaucracy can see massive expoiitation gains deliberately or Not at extracting extra revenue from "gullible" naive "greenes" and Unionists "powermongers" tax payers to make up for their inefficiences in running Australia ( and the World) into massive debt

through Energy Scare Campains
Catagerorising CO2 emmissions as being pollutionand increasing Global Warming
The "Cause & Effect" has NOT been established beyond Doubt as to whether this is anthrpogeniic or natural
There has Benn absolutely minimal Global Warimg for 18 years
anticipated at worst to be of the order of 0.8degC in next 100years
CO2 is increasing as a significant rate but by no means out of historicak norm
Arguable the nett effect is CO2 increae even from 400ppM to 1000ppM should in fact not only have negligible inpact on the planet but in all probability would have a positive effect.

there is very little evidence that ANY CO2 ( anthropological Or Not ) increase has ANY real significant Global Warming effect

To the contrary . . . 

historically Earth Temperature increase inevitably follows by an increase in CO2

ALL computor models have failed  . . . partly because it is too difficult to montor the effect of Water vapou / clouds at up to 250x the concentration of CO2 water is by far the most proinant Greenhouse Gas

. . . the "bureaucracy has extrapolated to infinity the worst case scencario based on false premises.

Coal generated power has been doomed in favor of 5x more expensive gas and renewable energy sources such as wing and solar . . . yet still proven to be NOT cost effective and unreliable. This will remain so until reliable batter technology as back up for off peak use is proven AND affordable

In the meantime Governments are squandering Billions of Dollars on farcical solutions to an improbable problem

Australia in particular seems to have an ego problem in setting some sort of World example by prematurely closing down coal energy plants yet we export massive amounts of coal to 3rd Worlds countries

The guises of "Carbon Trading" etc is on the same level as the BANK swindles involving "deratives" of recent times amounting to "trillions" in National debt around the World !

it is of NOTE . . .
& Many "books"; Reports
from much of the Literature
are copywrite "peer-reviewed" 
and hence it seems NOT really intendedfor "mass reading"

Climate Change Primer 2017

( & even less-Technical )

tts' All about Henry's Law . . . go figure it ! "cause and effect"
a fundamenta tenantl of scientific thought !

Atmospheric CO2 is determined largely by . . .

  • the systemic variation of the temperature of the oceans . . .  a possibly cyclic nature   > Solar activity ( short term), interstellar cosmic rays ( over millernia ? ),  all of which. affect cloud formation
    refer to Lance Ensersbee "A voyage of Discovery" ( ex Monash Uni ) for some extra "insights"   . . . NOT NECESSARILY "THE CONSENSUS " LINE OF THOUGHT !  . . . either !  . . .but interesting reading . . . never-the-less!

  • .the oceans are a vast sink for excess CO2
    . . . the oceans ARE warming ( slowly / cyclical long term > but WHY? )
    ( , , , again it's "cause & effect ??? )

  • effect of clouds and aerosols in the upper atmosphere

  • anthropogenic estinates at <10% of  total atmospheric CO2

  • 100s of years of proven climate data / theories have been trashed/trivialised by obfuscations of the politics by "bean counters" and polticians in the cause of "vested interests"
     . . . far too complex for any IPCC modelling to even contemplate !
    . yet even try to assimilate /rationalise more random undersea volcanos activity, "global plate" movement etc
    longer term observation . . . better technology . . . satellites. . . and maybe computor modelling one day with "super computors"and the practical "nouse" of mathetaticians  and PC "nerds "might help ?
    . . .although their time might be better spent trying to pick the winner of horse races from past history !

How Any bureaucrat / politician can claim . . . obfuscate . . . 

"the case is closed end -of -story"
"97% of scientist agree global warming is man made" 

. . . "a joke" ?
even  CSIRO in a latest report (reluctantly) now seem to) acknowlenge 47% of the scientific world now has  a revised thinking
. . . the original consensus was  in fact bogus
. . . exaggerated . . . thru extortion indirect blackmail . . .so called "peer pressure"

the extortion of "trillions of Dollars" Worldwide in renewable energy "scare campaigns" . . . egged on by the "lefties" . . . the ABC and much of the "gullible" ignorant media . . . tand vested interests !

Whether The Earth is still emerging from a "mini ICE AGE "
or is due for one  ? . . . is still a matter of conjecture !

MY Claim if this were to happen then the simialrly obscure argument that pumping excessive CO2 into the air  . . . would increase ambient temperatures . . . would be equally "non-sensical"

Personally as a scientist I agree with "Trump"

sorry. . . Al Gore . . . with "all due respect ".
 . . you're a "bummer"

 to be continued  . . .

but YOU do your homework first ! . . . honestly AND objectively

my "consensus"  . . .   put Global Warming and
the dramatic consequences ON HOLD !
. . . 'til   the real facts / evidence emerges
a   Royal Commission ? . . . if you can find ANY un-biased ,
un-influenced judiciary 

or leave it at the mercy of the "Greenies" or the "media"
. . .  and their inevitable beat up!

the "consensus" doesn't even know the difference
between Carbon (C) and CO2

and even calls CO2  "pollution" .  .  . THAT  .  ,  ,  I T  is  NOT !  .  .  .
to the contrary it IS the "Gas of Life" !

THE"HOCKEY SCHTICK". . . proven to be a fraud as a consequence of manipulation of data
If you can't explain the 'pause' . . . you can't explain the cause ! . . . & CO2 is still increasing !

Mathematical & observational proof that CO2 has NO significant effect on climate

and so the debate . . . continues

political expedience . . . "grab the money and run" before the "gullible wake up

ALL akin to the

17th Century Dutch"Tulip Bubble" and Britains' inspired "South Seas Bubble"

. . . The "Bank Derivatives" hoax in recent times

and no doubt an inspiration to 20th century "money grubbers"
and aspirant politicians trying to "balance the books"

Measure the CO2 by all means . . . use satellite technology to perfect atmospheric temperature measurement (currently max of 0.14degC per decade)

BUT use the "wasted" money on more immediate consequences
like efficiently using low cost energy resources ( coal, natural gas )
forget about the short term waste spent on renewable energy sources (tidal, geothermal,wind, solar  so far proven too inefficient, and too unreliable as a base energy supply
. . take for example South Australia's predicament relying on a "long extension cord" from Victoria when the sun doesn't shine or the wing blows too hard OR too soft
. . . at least until backup battery technology has proven practical and affordable

. . . all to the detriment of 3rd World Countries (including Australia)
. . . reduced standards of living . . . "enforced poverty"

the likes od India, China, Russia and now the nervous USA are dubious participants
through higher and higher taxation energy price increases, artificial Carbon Trading "schemes"

. . . the rumor being spread : "Melbourne . . . is the Most Livable CITY"
"AUSTRALIA is the Lucky Country" ???

yet we seem to be at the forefront of this mad, mad race to economic disaster
. . . destroying coal plants, banningon-shore gas exploration coal seam gas and "fracking"
and imposing burdens on populations, destroying jobs and whole industries in the process
. . . at immeasurable cost . . . for No real benefit . . . 

to the planet or anyone. . . but the vested interest and speculators !

Where's the
"real" factual evidence

Anthropogenic CO2
IS the cause

  catastrophic Gobal Warming ?(Climate Change) OR IF it IS
EVEN significant !

Ask the "experts"
the Weather Bureau ? . . . hhhmm!

ASK CSIRO perhaps ???

SO what have we
 to gain out of
ALL this !


- absolutely nothing ! 

ALT we DO run the risk of losing business to those "vested interests"

. . . from
Govt Depts,
ALL themselves at
the whims of being exploited
by "bean counters",  Banks, Governments 


but in this political "climate"
we might yet have to resort to one of the stalwarts of

"freedom of speech"

Heading 2

Australia Use the resources we have NOT Export; Natural Gas; Black Coal for steel making Where's BHP these days ? )
. . .  "dirty Brown Coal" upgrade by water removal on site prior to electricity generation electrostatic particulate removal
( CO2 is Not an issue > refer the Colder Process ( the technology is now being exported to India )

Open up the Bass Strait gas/Oil fields they have been "capped" for decades

On-land "coal seam fracking" ( but regulated better than the USA where it has been a miracle for the "yanks" economy )

Its NOT "Rocket Science" you hardly need a phD to work it out !
The problem ! . . . politics, the lack of guts Bankers & Economists , needless to say Labor and the "Greenies",
gullability of the media . . . "fake science" and the "fake media"

GW > CC . a "non sequitar" . . . > > > back to the Future !