CT Syringe Dispensing Kit 10ml Only

CT Syringe Dispensing Kit 10ml Only


Chromtech Syringe Dispensing Kit 10ml

1 Sprring-Loaded 10ml Syringe

2 Double Check Valve with Luer to Barb Connector
LDPE Tubing foe Inlet Bottle Reservoir and to receiver vial
Push "Plunger" dispenses liquid
Release Plunger sucks in from Side

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    Chromtech Syringe Dispenser KIT 10ml; CT_SYRDISP-10
    1   Spring-loaded 10ml Syringe (Terumo rubber-tipped)
    2   Double-check Valve with FenalLuer to Bar Adaptor FTLL210-1
    3   LDPE Tubing 1/8x1/16 to sample receiver / vial ( order separately); to Inlet GL45 Bottle reaervoir 
    Push "plunger squirts into vial, releale sycks from side-arm

some Ferrules > Graphite/Vespel shown in pic SF400VG $48.00 SF200VG $42.00 per 10-pk if <1/6"ID $36.00 per 10-pk
compact Agilent VG;   Standard 1/16 Swagelok 1/16 various ID 0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0mm, 1/16"ID

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