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Gas Sampling Bags

Gas Sampling Bags

SKU: NDV31_0.5L

Gas Sampling Bag MultiLayer Laminated Foil 500cc; #NDV31_0.5L; Teflon Stopcock Valve with 6mm Septum Cap, each

  • Oher Bag Types

  • Gas Sampling Bags-Hed Foil, Tedlar

    Gas Sampling Bag PDF Catalog
    All popular sizes 500cc to 30-liter All with Teflon Stopcock & 6mm Septum Cap
    OR " Needle-less Cap Option > ASK !

    • Laminated Foil > for permanent gases , CO, CO2, C1-C6 HCs, SF6
    • Tedlar Type > for VOCs high(er) MW gases; Flurode(FEP)


some Ferrules > Graphite/Vespel shown in pic SF400VG $48.00 SF200VG $42.00 per 10-pk if <1/6"ID $36.00 per 10-pk
compact Agilent VG;   Standard 1/16 Swagelok 1/16 various ID 0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0mm, 1/16"ID

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