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About Us ! > Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd > CHROMTECH

founded by an Analytical R&D Chemist still "dodging" those moneyed "entreprenaurs" content enough to do "our own thing" against "the odds"
ambition & inspiration can get "thwarted" by the obviously "dumbed-down" populace

forever battling the "bureaucrats" and "gutless" Governments in recent years under Labour Governments > Socialists > ""Greenies", . . .  > The "pseudo" -communists etc
. . .
the Lucky Country" being progressively"cut down" to size . . .
re . . . "The Tall Poppy Syndrome" a la THE UN etc
. . . rapidly being turned into a "Quarry" for the WORLD firstly by"the Brits" over a few  centuries
> The International Corporate "pariahs"

Our Story

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where *
$ after 4 years inflation (20%) > x 1.5
OR we honour > listed "WIX
"  PayPAL
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