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IS CO2 a POLLUTANT                  

NO !

It may have taken 10 years or more for many in the media and gullible politicians and the public in general to
"wake up" . . . but it's happening !
even Trump refuses to have anything thing to do with

the "hoax"
. . . and we're All obfuscating about nothing ! >
. . . at least of any real consequence
> my opinions . . . MANY others NOW 

"the CO2 bubble"
a la the "Tulip Bubble" and the "South Seas Bubble" of the 16th Century
. . . more recent "hyperbowl" of  "Peak Oil" and the "Energy Crises" of the 1970s . . .
All a "beat up !"
THE CONSEQUENCE . . . and blatantly obvious !
  • lack of confidence
  • civil unrest
  • increase in crime rate
  • cause of massive uptake of drugs
  • in Australia the dismemberment of an effective education system
popularity ?
ignorance promulgated by . . . 
  • deluded "greenies"
  • ignorant politicians 
  • vested interests . . .money grubbing politicians; all so keen to grasp at opportunities to cater for a deliberately but assumed"dumbed down" populace . . . aexacerbated by widespread "apathy"  or hopelessness of the "system"ll to try and undo their financial mismanagement re taxation and offsetting "Budget Deficits"
the media to "sell newspapers" and TV Air time
in a failing print medium

It is ALL fast coming unstuck !
the "Fascist" / "Greenie" element is fast losing credibility
In Australia at least Labor has also lost any sense of responsibility
. . . pandering to extremist Unions

The Worlds is becoming "fedup" with the "system"
. . . the "caterls" / monopolies
the imbalance wealthy versus poor

the signs are there BREXIT IN Europe, Trump in the USA
and in Australia the increasing influence of One Nation and Pauline Hanson
the Scientific Communicty is NOT without blame

they have been black-mailed by politicians into accepting the "hidden agenda / scenario"
loss of funding / loss of  jobs and career threatening !
It ALL Started with the hidden agendas of the IPCC
( In recent years though even they have tended to reneg on the concepts and under scientific pressure ameliorated their extremities I )
Gillard"  et al jumped on the bandwaggon and extrapolated the original scare campaign of Al Gore and the likes of Tim Flannery "the Australian of the Year"from "Global Warming"  ( subsequently downgraded to " Climate Change" )
under the assumed pretext of a misinterpreted "Greenhouse Effect" to an umproven "CO2 is the main cause of
"Global Warming" to
" Anthropogenic CO2  IS a major cause of (potentially)  catastrophic Global Warming "
92% consensus of scientists ( now extrapolated to 97% . . . now proven Wrong!
ANY scheme to reduce CO2 pollution by eliiminating Coal Electrical is FALSE ECONOMY at Best . . . fraudlent in intent !
Coal is clean from polluting carbon, soot, toxic chemicals is encompassed into current Electric Generating Coal Electricity Power Plants - after decades f R&D by CSIRO & Universities
Out of ignorance/niaivity CO2 has been technically incorrect by being "labelled pollution I. . . T IS NOT !
BUT to extrapolate this to "CARBON" POLLUTION and to thrudt CARBON  "TRADING SCHEMES  onto the taxpayers and unjustifiably drastically marking up Electricity Prices based . . . . on a FRAUD is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENT !
We actually breathe out ~5 to 7% CO2
GreenHouses' are artifically CO2 increased ( All within their closed box" environment) to some 2000 ppM similar to concentration considered safe for submariner use.
  • CO2 in ALL respects is essential for Plant Growth certainly up to 1000 ppM
  • too bad if the land speculators get washed out with some ALSO HYPOTHETICAL CO2 cause of Sea Level rise
  • How? you logically unscramle a mean rise in sea level (>mm per annum) from natural tide variations ( 1 to 2 metre not unusual but to 6 metres in Broome WA
. . . what "BULLS- - T" ! ALL this IS!

Nitrous Oxide  (N2O) is similarly NOT A pollutant - a natural (even more minor component of the atmosphere at 0.3 parts per million ) and often being mistaken by the gullible and naive to be the same a NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide ) or NO (nitric oxide)( yes theseARE a "nasty" pollutant associated with smog etc)

N20 is almost completely inert and as "laughing Gas"  an anaesthetic , . . something we all should take in the light of all these ridiculous arguments.

Methane may have "greenhouse tendencies" but this IS Not necessarily anthropogenic by definition but an artifact through "industrial leakage" (minor) as a constituent of both Natural Gas on which we All depend but also a huge emissive source from plant decomposition, , volcanoes and huge Ocean reserves as Methane Clathrates at depth ( eg the BLACK SEA ) but also embedded in the Arctic Tundra.
- all subject to unavoidable potential "global warming" natural or otherwise . . . if proven ! . . . of any significance
  • For Centuries it has been recognised that opening up of the Arctic Ocean
    to commercial Sea Trading Routes would be of HUGE ECONOMIC BENEFITS to the GLOBAL ECONOMY !

- if "significant" Global Warming IS IN FACT REAL . . . AND that the Main cause is anthropogenic AND SUBSTANTIATED and NOT just Prophesy then certainly more R&D is justified NOT just "ad hoc" economic crippling answers to hypothetical problems poesed by All with vested interests
Then this becomes more an issue of ALL ramifactions
direct and indirect both Good & Bad !

to paraphrase BOB HAWKE Ignore the "blatantly"obvious
but doing some sort of Cost Benefit Analysis
. . . merely proves the  "anti-skeptics" pseudo scientists / politicians etc
. . .  are ALL but "BUMS" ! "
  • What you visually see from those Power Plants / "smoke stacks" is cooling water vapor ONLY . . . CO2 is invisible !
  • Carbon / Soot is NOT CO2
  • the ENFORCED introduction of largely unproven ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SUPPLIES Is arguably criminally negligent,certainly a 50% reduction target by 50% by 2030 is on the verge of potential genocide on a Global Scale if the WORLD maintains this sense-less gullibility
  • It is estimated if pursued Globally the projected cost over the next 100years will be ~$100 Trillion Dollars impost to the World Economy . . . for neglible NET return . . . all based on false assumptions . . . " a GLOBAL WARING BUBBLE"
  • a recent CSIRO "buried" report suggest up to 45% of scientits now disagree or are undecided" -  a masive turn-around in reality
  • There is NO proven fact or evidence that  anthropogenic CO2 is the main cause of Climate Change
  • Global Warming is negligible  hardly significant apart from short term /decadal effects - NO evidence i and NO corellation whatsoever !
  • CO2 levels are in fact not associated with ANY increase in Global Temperatures
  • the concept of the accepted hypothesesi of a "mean average global temperature" is ABSOLUTELY meaningless in ANY realistic scientific context
  • media statements that Current World temperatures are the highest on record . . . WRONG based on misenterpretation of known facts and the "historical record" . . . ALL part of on ongoing "scare campaign" by the media and politicians
  • the MANN Hockey Stick is proven and acknowledged generally to be "bunkum) and in Court !
  • CO2 levels are in fact miniscule at 0.04% and well below historical albeit long term historical data levels
  • the Current "beat up" involving Methane, (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
    and NOW SF6
  • Cost Benefit Analysis !
  • AGAINST an unproven hypothesis NOW being extrapolated to infinity
  • banning of coal short term  without viable planned alternatives
  • Wind & Solar never will be viable as "base power"
  • Battery energy storage " will hardly EVER be economical
  • Rising Sea Levels inundating land masses IS NOT HAPPENING
  • Historically and Geologically it has happened but NOT Due to CO2 per se
THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT . . . is in fact an "oxymoron"
their is little in common > a controlled enclosed environment VS a dynamic interchange  ocean > land > atmosphere > Nature' / Life > Space
far too complex for ANY Computor Modelling  simulation irrespective of their power
  • ALL to enforce to involve CO2 reduction At TREMENDOUS COST !
  • via agriculture,culling of feed stock herds
  • we R to turn vegetarian
  • going to electric cars - an absolute farce  re "prime"energy cost / feasibility.
  • sequestration of CO2 underground NOT Viable > economically !
  • The real ISSUE . . .
    Is Pollution . .  SOOT ! Yes from "negligant Coal Burning"
    AND " Agricultural "BurnOff" SE Asia / Africa/ the Amazon etc
  • Hopefully increasing the standard of living in 3rd World Countries a ka like Australia
  • Cement production is one of the main CO2 producers WW
  • " clean" Coal ( from Australia )
  • transition to Nuclear . .. the ONLY practical answer to Worlds' Growing Population -i it is proven virtually safe > from polluting ( re CO2)
  • Short of population reduction by "contrived" World Wars
  • a ka Culling of World population > Malthusian Theory propulgated partly by Duke of Edinburgh and many others . . .  from 18th Century "Theory"
It was ONLY in the '70's the general scientific consensus WAS AND STILL IS
The WORLD DISASTER was to by Global Cooling and an imminent ICE-AGE
ALL NOW totally dismissed by many real scientists . . . the real "thinkers"
Put it down to The Generation Gap !
a Learning Curve !
The Next Generation are here to being duped again . .. like "hula hoops"
The "stratagies" themselves have worked, slowly in the past  !
but are being used instantly via the Internet by World Powers / "vested interests" . . .  inscrutable as they are and completely unaccountable it seems ! -   condensed from decades/centuries ( eg Religion generally and its misgivings ) to another "scare campaign" 
against the gullible to mere years decades 
YES an asteroid IS going to hit us it is only a matter of time
"Get in for your chop NOW while U can"  . . . WE ARE ALL DOOMED !
re greed, social irresponsibility, crime > leading to demise of society > drug taking > escapism
GOOGLE Is at last getting up to date . . . I maybe now NOT being censored: so much or under the scourge od so-called "peer" review" !
 rcrollary staus quoo / negatively thinhing  and a proven holdback to creative thinking l
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. . . > and growing ad finitum !

the case for the "
Anti-Skeptics "
> BULLS- -T!

In due course I will update t

he references as deemed necessary

All I ask is you bring yourself up-to-date

take-off your "blinkers"
 the World seems to be in the hands of
"crooks and scumbags"  OR at best

opportunists or vested interests
. . . under the guise of Globalism, Free Trade

"controlled "by big business, the "Cartels"
or to be frank

the major recognised World Economy The Drug "Industry"
. . . legal or otherwise

. . . you be the judge !

Do a Google OR Wikipedia

call me paranoid  . . . a sceptic, a denier, or just a fanatical on this issue

but as a scientist . . . I am fatalistic . . . a pragmatist !

Ignore the politics . . . the Bureaucracy
if U Like !

BUT IT's at the peril of ALL of US !

NOT Climate Change, Not Energy Crisis  . . .

an absolute " absurdity" by ANY definition
of what ever the current contrived scare campaign "Fad" might be !
technology and innovation wisely used has been the savior of civilisation through millenia
. . . despite "the establishment" and the "doomsayers"

contrarily . . . though . . . 
I am an STILL an optimist !

Global Warming > . . . a religion ?
. . . maybe the Church "poor box" is the answer

User Pays !

IF U Truly believe in this . . . THEN U should pay

After all you "Greenies" / extremists are probably no more than 5 to 10%

50% of the World is just too "dumbed-down" to even understand the Science or the "Con Job"

scientist are being "black-mailed" into silence . . . the "media" generally have their own agenda > "shit stirring" just to sell 'Papers"

Neither . . . would  I have  ANY faith in the largely discredited UN being "smart enough" either !