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About our Business / Product Range

Since our inception, Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd . . . and way back in 1979
has been largely focused on building a portfolio of specialised labortory products mainly f
or analytial chemistry.\ for re-distribution within Australia
  • for Chemists and enduser technicians . . . NOT ONLY the essentials that make
    YOUR Lab work AND LIfe generally much easier but THE often difficult to
    find  "itsy bitsy bits & pieces"; 
    emphasis is first on functionality, improved performance; availability (of consumable items
    in particular), and value for money ! . . . an alterative peraps to mainstream altennatives
    with ever increasing inferior quality and built-in in obsole
    sence facts > all too prevalent in the current society of mass consumerism . . . etc
  •  and for the "bean counters" more generally; Lab Managers, Purchasing Offers . . . 
​. . . often we can offer significant cost savings over similar name brand items offered
by large(r) Companies with their significant overheads . . . AND without sacrifiing QUALITY
"Use US"  . . . for most ALL YOUR Laboratory "NEEDS"
as a product resource . . . save the stress AND "save the trees"
. . . reduce your reliance on paper catalogs 
. . . make use of the WEB . . . our website [
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About our Business / Product Range

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