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Since our inception*,Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd ( a ka Chromtech(-AUS ) . . . and way back in 1979   we were initially inspired by the intention of establshing  a "high tech" innovative interface business between R&D and industry.  In more recent times we have largely focused  on building a portfolio of specialised labortory products mainly for analytical chemistry.\ for re-distribution within Australia.
  • for Chemists and end user technicians . . . NOT ONLY the essentials that make YOUR Lab work AND LIfe generally much easier but THE often difficult to find  "itsy bitsy bits & pieces"; 
    :   emphasis is first on functionality, improved performance and availability (of consumable items in particular), and value for money ! . . . an alternative perhaps to many "mainstream" alternatives often with the ever increasing inferior quality and built-in in obsolescence ,factors all too prevalent in current society of mass consumerism . . . etc.
    arguably perhaps it would seem this trend is THE aim of much product R&D development and marketing trends these days
  •  and for the "bean counters" more generally; Lab Managers, Purchasing Offers . . . 
​. . . often we can offer significant cost savings over similar name brand items offered by large(r) Companieswith their significant overheads . . . AND without sacrifiing QUALITY
"Use US"  . . . for most ALL YOUR Laboratory "NEEDS"
as a product resource . . . save the stress AND "save the trees" . . . reduce your reliance on peper catalogs 
. . . make use of the WEB ? . . . But our website [detail SEARCH ] mechanisms in particular

  • as a pioneer of Capillary GC in AUSTRALIA way before it's time my ambition was to develop a high tech business based on glass capillary columns. In retrospect It was obvious the short sighted Government business model was so obviously restricted by it's proto-type metntality ONLY
  • without marketing data on such NEW High Technology investment backing was not forthcoming and partly because of a "lack of guts" and naivety within Australian business (at the time)
    . . . inevitably it in the longer term it did prove to be a WINNER generally  but left to overseas entrepeneurs  "to fly with it" . . . my satisfaction simply as THE inspriration behind it All !
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    my apologies . . . if the DETAILS bother You ! . . . OR are YOU just being a "nark"
    It IS NOT really for the "twitters and twats "in your" FACE(book) nerds out there !
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  • with 50-60,000+ items from 20 Suppliers and 1000's of high tech pages IT can't simply be done
  • treat it ALL as a HIGH TECH RESOURCE . . .part of your "learning curve"