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WHAT WE DO . . . Importers and Distributors and OEM of Laboratory products

Product Areas

Chromalytic Technology (ACB 14 643 445 658) is an Australian based business manufacturing, importing and distribution of Laboratory Products.

Jim Jeffs (the founder/Managing Director of
"CHROMTECH") is an Analytical Chemist (specialising in chromatography . . .with versatily AND Many years of practical experience . . . often referred to a long term "guru" of chromatography
Chromalytic Technology  was incorporated in 1980 . . . pioneered many aspects of capillary gas chromatography under the auspices originating with Australian Defence Dept and CSIRO.

Whilst chromatography was the business inspiration initially; 35 years extensive business experience involving many of the Worlds leading OEM / distributors in the field of laboratory instrumentation.

WE do NOT necessarily deal with over-bloated name brand Suppliers but prefer to deal with smaller entities, less bureaucracy where personalisation is still possible and with a minimal of the proverbial "bullshit"
We prefer to pay the necessary attention to details NOT JUST TO SELL products but to provide technical help and answers to many of our end-user customers.

  • ANYTHING To Do with Analytical Chemistry / Laboratory Equipment

  • Gas Chromatography . . . specialising in capillary GC

  • GC accessories

  • GC Instrumentation

  • Gas Sampling Accessories

  • HPLC Columns & accessories

  • Fluid Transfer products; miniValves, fittings, tubing, pumps, sampling vials & accessories

  •          We ALSO have workshop facilties/capabilities  and machining expertise . . .  and are prpared to improvise and innovate . . . invaluable perhaps where in big organisations where Union problems, demarcation disputes can be a real hassle ! . . . counter-productive even !