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SEARCH OUR ( Chromtech ) Web SITES

This Site chromtech-aus.com has it's own mini SEARCH
Ctrl-F ]_
. . . to Search for Words on individual HTM Pages ( Text only not in Pics )

these {SEARCH} Buttons appear
on many of our HTM pages
But generally only on our detailed
Search within !

"normal" GOOGLE via the Internet does a fair job at drilling down into specific general areas of interest to you . . . but it is full of traps, misleading results . . .  garbage In . . . > garbage out ! exacerbated as we know due to scams, paid advertisement, pre-PAID ranking "schemes" or even complete "bullshit" depending on YOUR search words you happen to enter . . . etc
The "vaguaries of" GOOGLE Search "Rules" also makes it difficult for US web designers to optimise
for best end-user results
The "secret" is actually knowing what you are looking for; from what Supplier ( or information source" ) etc
Boolean Search ( ie and /or ) is now available it seems
If you want for example "graphite ferrules" available from "chromalytic" simply use keywords "chromalytic AND graphite ferrules" - this increases your chance of success by a " million per cent " . . . but YOU have to " be SMART " !

HEAPS BETTER tho' . . .

2       On site GOOGLE  a customised version [ SEARCH ] our Site ONLY !

Very GOOD if you know "reasonable "KEYWORDS" specific to our products
don't trivialise the search words . . . BOOLEAN also works OK but is a bit spasmodic . . . re making sense etc ?

"BEYOND This ! . .
PDFs have their own built-in OCR and {SEARCH} features . . . if web authors know enough
to implement them properly and for users who are smart enough to unearth this feature !

Acrobat Reader itself is limited / crucified and "FIND" is Also  hidden / obscured on some Browsers

The PAID FOR Adobe Acrobat ( & maybe "other" PDF Viewers ) are FAR BETTER !

FLIP PAGES also have their own built-in in [SEARCH} mechanisms generally
based on the PDF OCR engine. but the overall presentation in FlipPAGES is immensely better
and not so "stifling".
- PDFs are too slow inefficient they are useless for large catalogs and bundles of PDFs
- NOT Page-served and far too SLOW! for > ~30 PDFs.

FLIP Pages : Both these FLIP Versions have efficient [SEARCH} built-in based on the
PDF OCR engine and are very fast ( time dependent depending on file size of course
and a fixed "bootstrap" load time.

The original HTML5 FLIP version (s) was a bit of a compromise AND a bit of a limitation
by the
s'ware OEMs 
as with their limit on File Sixe 150Mb and 450 PDF Page equivalents
IT is Slower ( bootstrap load time ) AND DOES NOT HIGHLIGHT THE RESULT


FlipHTML5  is more modern, a more compact design - easier to maintain ( for us etc )
but in realty IT is ALL a COMPROMISE !  a bit slower and lower resolution then the original PDFs used !

BUT still an excellent presentation-wise ! & Now our default from 2018+

SHOPPING CART - The Current version also incorporates FlipHTML5  features
AND is a more "modern" system with with its' own built-in [Search]
AND it is Also reasonably FAST !
FlipPAGES have [SEARCH] with Highlighted Results
FlipHTML5  strangely has NOT highlighted the [Search] Results
. . . a BIG Limitation . . . unfortunately

BUT WE have sub-divided Catalogs into [ PRODUCT CATEGORIES ] to make it even
faster even though our upfront Database has some 30,000 individual product items
from 1/2 dozen Main Suppliers ( potentially  60K+ from 20 Suppliers for the ASKING ! )
. . . backed up by "tens of thousands" of pages . . . arguably from some or our more "obscure" Suppliers and with products over many diverse categories.

YES Our Site IS ambitious ! . . . arguably one one the most diverse on the planet
. . . in our field of expertise !

IF U R still having problems finding what you want ?
. . . THEN just ASK US !

re GOOGLE . . .  ??? . . . at least try this "internal" Google Site Only SEARCH Tool . . . yes it IS Good ! . . . but with limited "boolean" features


Amazing . . . despite being the original World OEMs >35years ago
and these we still fail to get a reasonable Page Ranking under [graphite ferrules] . . . 

even though every other "dogs body" business out there does
. . . obviously PAID FOR !
. . . AND most other Suppliers are but mere "hangers-on" in a business sense
. . . MANY at 2 to 3 times the Price of ours
. . . so "wake up you end-users" you're ALL being "ripped off" > . . .