Graphite Ferrules All sizes 1/16"OD to 1/4"OD

Graphite Ferrules All sizes 1/16"OD to 1/4"OD

SKU: SFn00m-G

Graphite Ferrules all sizes 1/16"OD to 1/4"OD $25 per 10-pk

  • soft & malleable
  • will Not stick to tubing /reusable(with care)
  • Larger Sizes 3/8 to 2.0"ID in ALL common sizes ( & some in reducing ferrule configs)
    see PriceList for current prices
  • Imperial and Metric sizes to suit Swagelok 
    Custom sizes to your specs ( but Only if feasible) DIM from you may be required & tooling cost may apply >ASK!
  • Ideal for glass, ceramic tubing, ( MAx Temp use >500C; FusedSilica GC Columns

Chromatography Fittings see FlipCatalog also FlipHTML5Cat

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some Ferrules > Graphite/Vespel shown in pic SF400VG $48.00 SF200VG $42.00 per 10-pk if <1/6"ID $36.00 per 10-pk
compact Agilent VG;   Standard 1/16 Swagelok 1/16 various ID 0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0mm, 1/16"ID