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H2 Gas Generator

H2 Gas Generator


SRI H2-100 Gas Generator

100ml/min, 99.995% Purity(PEM), 50psig Max; 220VAC
Shut-Off Valve;Mass Flow Controller built-in; 1-L Distilled Ware Sorage Tank > 3-4days continuous Op

16kg Wt 

Price inc Import Frt AUD1200

  • H2Gen detail

    tested ! > suitable for H2 as Carrier Gas / FuelGas for SRI TCD / FID-Methaniser > Bottle-Less semi-portable GC ( SRI GC has built-in mini AirCompressor

some Ferrules > Graphite/Vespel shown in pic SF400VG $48.00 SF200VG $42.00 per 10-pk if <1/6"ID $36.00 per 10-pk
compact Agilent VG;   Standard 1/16 Swagelok 1/16 various ID 0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0mm, 1/16"ID

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