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Kebby Vertical AirCrimper Tools 2xPiston


Kebby Vertical AirCrimper Tools 2xPiston #VAC-01
ALT #CT-AirCrimp-2P-20S-C inc 20mmStandard CrimpHead ( your choice )
CrimpHead 8mm Caps, 11, 13-S,13-FO, 20-S, 20-FO $255each order separately
Accessory : #CT-AIRCrimp-RegHose $258.00ea
see Kebby FlipPAGE Catalog 
Hand Held device requires Air Compressor >4cfm 4liter tank NOT Supplied but ASK!

Heavy Dury Kebby POWER CRIMPER
#CT-PowerCrimp-026 $2952
Power Crimper and Accessories Assembly

  • Power Crimper Regulator Stand with 8x10 Granite Base 13KgWt ex USA add $550
  • Foot Pedal Verification Gauge and
  • Self-storing Hose 23KgWt ex USA 
  • Compressor NOT SUPPLIED HD 8CFM 20L Ttank Minimum

Order Crimp/Decaper Head separately $255.00each
Option :Cantilever Suspension device foe hand piece 5-6Kg

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