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MicroLit Dispenser BTDR-3


MicroLit  1-10ml BottleTop Dispenser BTDR-3
Sits on Top of Bottle Reservoir eg GL-45 or other threads S38 etc ( Adaptors supplied
GL-45 Botle ordered separately from Chromtech, 50,100, 250,500,1000cc, 2000cc

  • other sizes

    MicroLit Dispensers :

    BTDR-1 0.25 to 2.5ml
    BTDR-2 0.5 to 5ml 246.27, normally in stock
    BTDR-3 1 to 10ml, $251.87I, IN STOCK
    BTDR-4 2.5 to 30ml, #322.39, normally in stock
    BTDR-5 5 to 60ml
    BTDR-6 10 to 100ml
    See MicrolIt FlipHTML5 Catalog ASK for other Pricing

  • details -

    see MicroLit Dispenser FlipHTML5 Catalog & detailed Manuals
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