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GC Columns

  • Fused Silica Capillary inc conventional, 0.25, 0.32, 0.53mm but also Fast 0.18mm in standard

  1. Lengths : 15, 30, (50),60 and 105metre

  2. ALL common Liquid Phases Rtx-1, Rtx-5, Rtx-5SilMS, Rtx-20. Rtx-35, Rtx-50,Rtx-65,Stadilwax and derivatives( -DA,-DB, WAX), Rtx-440,Rtx-1301, Rtx-1601, Rtx-225, Rtx-200, Rtx-624, Rtx-1701,

Rtx-2330, Rtx-2340; GCxGC 2D column sets most available in MS Grade with high(er) Temperature capability

  1. Film Thickness . . . select from 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 some 3.0, 5.0 but phase dependant)

  • MXT Column- unbreakable/"bendable" . . . fused silica lined SS - AND just as inert as fused silica

  • PLOT Columns both fused silica and MXT type : MS5A, Alumina, porous polymer ( similat to HayeSEP, PoraPAK etc Q-PLOT, U-PLOT . . . stabilised

Huge range kept in stock Melbourne albeit some are old dated unused/guaranteed and at discounted prices ( 60% of current AUD List Price )

Packed Columns - Chromosorb ( Worldwide short supply now replaced with Restek's proprietary AND improved DiatoSorb W MicroPACKED Columns

Standard : recommended Silcosteel for added inertness compared to SS

Full range of GC Accessories

  • Injector Port Liners

  • Fitting and Ferrules / adaptors

  • Septa

  • Gas Purifiers inc Gas Generators ; N2 H2, Pure Air


  • Huge range of LAB GC and customised models Detectors : FID, TCD, ECD, TID, NPD, HID DELCD Injectors : Direct Injection, Flash Vaporisation, Split/Splitless, PTV, SPME, Gas Sampling Valves ( GSV / Manual AND automated )

  • PeakSimple GC Operating System

SEARCH using above keyword(s) > numerous HTM and PDF / Flip page results for detaii

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