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New Product range Fluid Transfer existing > MicroFluidics 1/4"OD tubing > 1/16>1/32 10um IDs (0.13mmID PEEK Fluropolymeric; Teflon, semi-transparent PFA, ETFE,FEP etc)) and SS We intend introducing /extending components down to range 1-100um ID and flows 10nl/min to 1ml/nin nominal Applications for lab-on-a-chip applications (eg HMDS / Silicon) Initially from current Supplier s :VICI-Jour, VICI Valco

. . . fittings and capillay tubing New Era NE-1002X-AS ; (reduced) pulse-less SyringePump 400 steps per minute AND higher gearing . . . awaiting verification of "pulses" " 4.25Nanometers per step flows depend on sysinge size 0.008nL/hour(0.5ml Syringe) to 2545ul/min (140ml) ;accuracy +/- 0.5%" NE-1010 15lbs linear force at high flows (35lbs at low flow, 10ml/min) NE-8000 more rugged 200lbs Accessories Ana-Box™ - Closed LoopAnalog Sensor Interface for control of pumps/flows CHROMTECH Looking for Suppliers : Pressure Sensors; MicroFLOW Sensors (micro-volume low pressure 0-1 bar, 10-32 fitting) . . . reasonable cost ?

NEW Suppliers (under negotiation) open to our parasite competitors . . . I'd guess . . . with luck but Only if your have the "smarts" as well ???

  • Takasogo : low deadvolume Miniature Solenoid valve, micropumps ( micro-Peristaltic, electropiezo pumps; "Slider" Low Pulse Switching Valves and Injection Valves; Solenoid Manifolds(custom) new range of multi-port valves and Pinch Valves

  • EverfLow

  • Fluigenics enquire for details !

Huge potential ! > even nanoChip production production equipment itself

Potential Customer feedback required . . . seems to be a prerequisite but you R&D "whizkids" . . . would really need to be a bit more collaborative and not just "brain pickers" in order for us to be of more help to you ! It's ALL a learning curve for "both of us" NanoFluidics generally ! ? > Another FAST expanding INTEREST except AUSTRALIA > "notorious" for its' "lagging" High Tech . . . historically ! > an acknowledged "cringe" Factor ?

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