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Global Warming Climate Change Disaster ?

Just MY Opinion ! . . . comments and debate ae welcome Premature! the "Cause & Effect" is just not established Exaggerated "Doom and Gloom" has been moderated by the IPCC to an estimated 2 to 3 degrees C per century at worst far less than original scare campaigns by the IPCC, Al Gore, Tim Flannery and the "establshment" consensus Temperature Increase precedes CO2 levels The experts now "waffle" about feedback sensitivity . . . IPCC and cohorts are always trying to rationaleise their hype/hopes preformed conclusions and to satisfy obvious ulterior motives Claims :

  • "Anthropogenic CO2 is the cause of Global Warming" . . . Wrong !at worst it is now estimated to be 15% at worst the rest being natural. Increase in CO2 bears NO correllation whatsoever with "Global Warming"

  • the Oceans are a sink of CO2 and Ocean warming is real and obviously a main contributor to atmospheric warming "a la" El Nino La Ninja etc themselves of significant "decadal" variability Other possibilities . . . aerosols, sunspots, cosmic rays albeit somewhat asymmetrical effect but ALL additive as to medium > long term uncertainty as to Climate "effects" Climate predictions arein fact No better than trying to pick winners of horse races based on computor modelling of past events !

  • computor modelling is not reliable and proven to give false predictions too many factors and unkowns and assumption are being made Effect of water vapor in the air is "too difficult" for the IPCC . . . so water is ignored in ALL models Water (rainfall/humidity) is by far the main variable . . . re Global Warming . . . with all sorts of "hocus pocus" about positive and negative "feedbacks" and "sensitivity" factors

IPCC even NASA have been accused of "fudging "experimental data re Medieval Ice Age / Maunder Warming etc

  • Even if it IS still controversial ( AND IT IS NOT!) it is hardly justifiable Australia and the World wasting Billions of Dollars in non-consequential "solutions to non events" Now estimate to cost the World 100 Trillion Dollars over the next 100years IF GW is true OR of ANY real significance

  • Australia's contribution . . . Limiting CO2 emissions/Carbon Trading "Schemes"

  • implementing drastic banning of coals, (and In Victoria) onshore banning of any form of Gas Exploration or developmentnext to be Gas)

  • closing of Conventional low Cost Energy plants and

  • subsidized Wind Farms and Solar Energy both proven to be highly costly. inefficient and NOT yet being capable of supplying a fraction of Energy Needs AND with NO Base Load Capability

AND never will be without low cost efficient and viable battery back-up storage Zinc/Bromide being a possible but decades away and being screwed by commercial interest/patentents and exploitation

  • There has been NO Increase ( within reasonable experimental error / uncertainty) in Atmospheric temperatures in the last ~18+years

  • It is estimated ALL this aimed at reducing Global Warming by 0.016deg C . . . what crap it ALL is !

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