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re . . . IPCC Interim Report - Climate Change 2013 ( >2016 IPPC And to be continued "ad finitum" )

Updated ( "rehashed") 2023 ! but this BLOG continues elsewhere as WIX for Us actually went missing for years ! . . . ? & Our apologies for previous Spelling mistakes

RE IPPC > THEIR "Answer" to a "Non-existent" hyped-up Problem !

> but "Interesting" reading : HERE ! >Interim IPPC FAQs Report on Global Warming NOW re-defined byTHE IPPC as Climate Change they can't get that wrong as that's been happening for millenia since Earth's creation 4.6 billion years ago

PDF but FAR TOO big 1150p for pdf 9mins @ Our 40/20MBPs WebSpeed &BLOODY Hopeless ! (I./PCC 2014 PartA WGIIAR5-PartA_FINAL-1150p.pdf).

. . . But much more readable AND FAST as IT is "Page-Served" in OUR flipHTML5 PAGE(s) updated on Our Tech Site IPPC #6 Report . . . even more detailed "data" from 1000s of "pseudo" scientists from the 97% "consensus ! > obfuscate the issue even further ! A virtual downgrading of the "hype" of the original "scare-mongering" campaign promoted by Al Gore and likes of Tim Flannery presented by the IPCC ~2015 to "policy makers", > vested interests, politicians and ~2015, "do-gooders" like the "Greenies". But more-so the Energy moguls on the hidden agenda behind the premature banning coal and gas exploration in Australia and WW ( except for China and India exempt until they so wish to ! ! ). At least as far as for local Australian "consumers who are now "ripped-off". Govts are being typical "hypocritical" "bastards" !

All in in favor of heavily sponsored "renewables" > Energy Solar and Wind still nonviable in 2017+ even with South Australia battery technology introduced by Elon Musk . . . and without adequate base load Energy like natural gas, "clean"coal and Nuclear Energy technology Australia is heading towards "3rd World" status ! AT lease for OUR consumers but WE are still ironically the Worlds largest Exporter of both Coal and LNG > Our "hypocritical Government ! . . . "THE LUCKY COUNTRY" NOW "stuffed" by Govts > collectively ! Understandable in 2016 and in hindsight Trump has completely renegged on Climate Change and the UN sponsored "farce" has been uncovered . . . now just waiting for Australia to "wake-up" but since 2020 The World is now in the "hands" of the "decrepit" Biden !

IPCC has ameliorated the impact of Global Warming /Climate Change and further "obfuscated" the real "Natural" cause and the premature blame / cause being "Anthropogenic CO2" leading to a postulated catastropheric increase of Global in temperatures" where is the "smoking gun" ? But what do U expect from a "largely" corrupt > "stymied" United Nations Five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States (>"under Biden"), and ten non-permanent members elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly (with end of term year):

  • Albania (2023)

  • Brazil (2023)

  • Ecuador (2024)

  • Gabon (2023)

  • Ghana (2023)

  • Japan (2024)

  • Malta (2024)

  • Mozambique (2024) but where's IRAN, North Korea, Afghanistan etc > India perhap ? What a "mob "but that's Democracy oir you !& "NYET" B4 U even Start !

GOOD Luck Israel against "Hamas" > USA Vs Russia & IRAN / ChHina who are probably just TOO Smart . . . Anyway! There is still simple NO CORRELATION between CO2 and global temperature either short term OR historically. As of 2020 even CSIRO apparently disclaims any substantial evidence of anthropogenic warming CO2 concentration is miniscule at 0.03% compared to moisture at 0-2%. . . but then even IPCC has admitted that has been too difficult to model in their initial "prophesies" In any event increasing CO2 levels are arguably beneficial to plant growth and any increase on balance has more positives than ANY hypothetical negatives Both sea and land / atmospheric increase is marginal at ~1.3degC per 100 years altho' arguably in last 18 years the increase has in fact stopped or is insignificant ( satellite data measurements Sea level rise of ~2-4mm per annum is hardly significant at least compared to more natural occurrences like natural "Tidal" fluctuations ( average 1 to 2 metre any coastal city but up to >8m Broome / WA). Pacific Island(s) are definitely NOT being submerged > inundated but IF anything > more likely now largely proven to be by "natural" Land Subsidence ONLY ! incedentaly and "inevitable perhaps ? All these measures and projected changes get lost in the "noise" of data collection, errors and even the lack of "common sense" in even trying to define an "average global temperature" or average sea level (devoid of any recognised natural factors). All readers of this "blog" are recommended to read this Interim IPCC Report and make more sensible conclusions rather than listen to the ongoing hyperbolae > "babble" of politicians, the media and "pseudo" scientists

Thankfully "the deniers" have once again demonstrated the merit of "Cause and Effect" of the principles of "true science" or at least that is starting to sink in ! . . . at last ! Unbelievably it's only under pressure have "the establishment" conceded the uncertainties of computer modelling and the generally acknowledge lack of understanding of the "details of natural climate causes " for good of for bad "

The B of M concedes at best !, even with the largest computers their Climate projection are no better than short term, 7 days at best let alone decades or 100's of years. Quantum Computers may help resolve some of the "false assumptions" > used honestly ! In fact no better than trying to pick the winner of a horse race from past records HEN predicting a future winner ( AND without any "fixing" ( "insider" ) data for example . . . re drugs and fixing of races by criminals etc, government sponsored gambling . . . all obviously aimed at the "mug punter" and tax revenue raising ! With ALL due respect THERE NOW SEEMS TO BE MORE THOUGHT AND SCIENTIFIC EFFORT BEING PUT INTO issues of Climate Change . . . CSIRO included . . . albeit reluctantly it seems ! . . . perhaps ? Rather the rehash the "sceptics" analysis . . . I recommend a counter argument summary by Roy W Spencer ( and many other more "credible" climate scientists )

"The Great Global Warming Blunder - How Mother Nature Fooled The Worlds Top Climate Scientists" a thorough and convincing explanation debunking Anthropogenic CO2 being a main cause of global warming Like many/most Natural events the real cause is still open to speculation but recent times the CO2 global Ocean "sink" of CO2 is drastically effected by El Nino/La Nina and in particular PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) and similar natural events are in "perfect"sync" NOT So conventional IPPC theory . . . "Increase in CO2 does NOT correlate with Global Temperature at All !" historically>geologically warming almost invariably precedes CO2 increase by a few 100 years ( > more akin to the "logic of scientific principles ) Natural variation in Cloud Cover accounts for 75% of Global Warming over last 100years Water Vapor is the predominant Greenhouse Gas by far . . . but that the IPPC has conceded is "far too difficult to Computer Model" Water Vapor > variation in "cloud cover" > the main increase in atmospheric CO2 levels > highly complex as Clouds shield sunlight from solar but at same time there is also a "counterbalancing Greenhouse effect due to CO2, Methane, N2O erc > Cause & Effect increase in cloud cover causes sea warming OR Increase in sea warming causes increase in cloud cover ??? "The jury is still out !" . . . science is NOT about "consensus" but fact to prove/disprove ANY hypothesis rather than" circular" arguments based on false assumptions and the preconceived AND promulgated misconceptions !

R&D needed ! but still being downplayed compared to the "scaremongering" of global warming "experts" and "trillions of $$$s" hastily and wastefully spent on yet to be proven marginally economic Solar and Wing Power "Alternative Energy" sources now obviously Not sustainable or even practical for Net "Zero " by 2050 As of 2016+ it is NOW completely understandable President Trump has reneged on anything to do with CC unchecked the consequences are projected to be 100s of Trillion Dollars to the World "economy" over the next 100 years . . . carbon pollution, banning of coal ( and then Gas) power generation; dubious alternative Energy and associated "ponzi schemes"

CO2 is argually beneficial to plant growth AND any warming is actually economically benefisial to World economies despite the extremism associated with hypothetical catastrophies promulgated by Al Gore and the IPPC. Governments are well aware of all this but it is NOT IN THEIR National Interest either IF CO2 IS the issue then longer term the answers to alternative Energy are also there ( after some more R&D ?) . . . AND the French, Indians and Chinese are already doing this !). . . cost ? maybe no more than "the Space Program" . . . several billions of $$$s Worldwide , maybe several decades R&D as a concerted "fair dinkum effort" but requiring a paradigm shift on the part of "head in the sand" scientists, politicians leading to re-education of the populace in new technology / training /creating if jobs NUCLEAR ENERGY IS The ONLY ANSWER ! . . . proven over 60years > cost effective ( arguably ???) and proven beyond Any ("relatevant")radioactivity pollution problems ! . . . despite the hysteria and paranoia ! The reality of Fusion Nuclear Energy(LFTR) has been "proto-proven" way back in the '50/60's+.

As an extreme' example this was demonstrated . . . in the form of a refrigerator size 4.6 Megawatt reactor to propel an aeroplane (bomber) was actually built concept proven 100 hours flight ( 60 MegaWatt then proposed but "prematurely" cancelled. Also a land-based successful similar power source ran for ~5 years unfettered before being closed down due to the political agenda at the time)

see history > ""

and more generalised >

. . . a fascinating "read" on "the foibles" of science and vested interest short term gains vs overwhelming benefits to mankind . . . not necessarily to Petroleum Companies and "bean counters" in general If only 1% of the funds were diverted from the overall Warming "Hoax", LTFR would have been resumed now be well under way . . . IT IS COMING !

Our "Western economies" simply don't seem to have the "balls" or insight to pursue "the obvious" against the prejudices of vested interests, egos of The Establishment etc Long(er) term It would negate Coal Global Warming "conspiracies" were they ever to be really proven ! . . . and in principle provide low cost, relatively safe power with immense advantages compared to more conventional "Fission" Nuclear.

In the extreme, low cost energy opens up the possibility/viability of chemically utilising CO2 industrially . . . that's if it ever proves to be really necessary !

. . . timewise it appropriately fits in with projected 100 year scars campaigns of Gore/Flannery and Co but far beyond the limited scope and brain power of he t4 years(or less) agendas of politicians

. . . but generally . . . and in particular Australia; . . . technologically we have "lost the plot" completely . . . on all this!

To paraphrase Kirk Sorenson . . . if you are a > middle age scientist . . . go ! you probably R really are BeYond Use By Date ! ; 15 to 20 years age . . . the World is wide open . . . with imagination > but far better tend to forget "previous nostalgic worn out science" completely . . . start again > afresh ! BUT U R only STILL at the "mercy of the Establishment" . . . 20 to 30 years old > go back to school if you haven't been "dumbed down" too much ! . . . by the Education system itself, politics and "the media" in general

2020 with the Covid-19 "pandemic" scare campaign has fizzled out for all intents and purposes and replaced with another "Hyperbowl" a far shorter trillion Dollar "scam" blow out of all proportion to a largely deliberately "dumbed down" populace ! see OUR updated "BLOG" > vastly expands on these preliminary "thoughts"

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