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What's LFTR

LFTR Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor - "New" Alternative Nuclear "Fusion" Energy Technology for Solving Long Term Energy "Crises" invented/protyped AND "squashed" in the '60/70s Chromtech opens up a discussion not just for academic purposes but high tech input re Australia incolvement at the R&D level . . . perhaps A "key" perhaps is materials technology Containment Vessels; Piping, Pumps Governments ARE aware of New generation compact coventional Nuclear Plants are on the verge of being mass-produced but still relying on U235 and long term contamination / storage issues LFTR is low pressure (lower temperature 600degC) and hence infinitely safer and inherently demonstratably "fail-safe" Graphite "Control" Rods . . . now "common" technology materials in Nuclear Plant designs BeF and Thorium Fluoride salts; are highly corrosive and pose some decontamination issues ( residual HF and F2 impurities ( All far less severe an issue than in conventional Nuclear Power "Hot Water" designs )after long term live reactor use >Hastalloy-60 Generally high Ni low C alloys utilised in original prototypes seems to be accepted LFTR Cheap Energy and Climate Change re CO2 utilisation chemically industrially ?. . . if necessary ?

. . . see my previous "blog"

Chromtech Contribution to R&D Possibilities . . . more "thought bubbles" perhaps . . . but with some insight ? . . . hopefully before the normal "apathy" sets in ! Graphite Ferrules for high Temperature fitting seals ( currently by 2.0" ID - our production limit Silcoseteel - CR and derivatives from SilcoTEK low cost alternative approaching inertness of "Hastalloys" - unproven / unresearched Current exotic application : rocket nozzle coating ; anti-corrosion applications including marine

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