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Enriched Brown Coal > Colder Process

a Bacchas Marsh Co ? ! > but they got flooded > THEN Burn Out 5-10 years go ? NOW gone ! > A potential "saviour" for Victorias' "Brown Coal" ???" " partial drying using Yallourn "surplus" heat ! " . . . but ignorance prevails ! they probably saw "DickHead" Dans' writing on the Wall !

Another Australian "idea" doomed by the "bureaucracy" Global Warming > Climate change > the "CO2 furphy" South Aust AND Victoria etc are the leaders in destroying industry/jobs extorting Energy Price increases in the pursuit of ridiculously expensive renewable energy "schemes" such as Solar, Wind Power now generally accepted and now grudgingly proven to be useless as 24/7 power .

  • All despite the promise of "battery back-up" and Turnballs' limited Snowy 2.0 scheme obvious restricted without the likely creation of new hydro-dams . . . another ploy of the Greenies

  • Victoria is closing down Hazelwood Brown Coal generator in Victoria a 1/4 of its base power

  • We export massive amounts of LPG to China and have sold off 2/3 of the WA Gas fields to the Chinese

  • We have NOT invested in the infrastructure to pipe gas to the East Coast of Australia Why ? Autralia NO LONGER produces enough steel to make the necessary pipelines We actually import steel to keep up with exports of gas

  • We are selling our gas resources "down the drain" at a pittance exploited to the hilt by International Petro Companies

  • Victoria has banned onshore gas exploration including now universally accepted "fracking" technology

  • Hazelwood closedown . . . we are now spending 100's of millions $$$s burying proven coal resources condemning 100/s of years of proven coal reserves - which could be significantly upgraded at relatively low cost . . . with proven technology

We are one of the largest exporters of (Black) Coal to the World India, China etc but Australia in its' wisdom have condemned Australia to the pits of being another 3rd World Country at the behest of mere politics and "money grubbing" of vested interests; Labor and the Greenies and other Climate Change "cranks"

Victoria HAS one of the largest proven resources of brown coal in the World At current useage we have some 1200 years of brown coal albeit low(er) quality ( 2/3 of black in calorific value, and high CO2 emissions ( IF that is a real factor ?) But it is a resource arguably viable as an "on-line" power generation system and is now being largely neglected and susbstituted by expensive imported renewable technology It seems we don't even have the foresight to "rail down" blackcoal from Qld/NSW and build more efficient Black Coal generators. . . but what a waste of all that "brown stuff" AT least the Int'l Companies are "ripping out" the black coal and exporting it to more privaleged ( and more deserving) 3rd World Countries. Our punitive energy regulation have absolutly no impact whatsoever on ANY Global Warming that just might one day be proven to be sigificant and/or detrimental ( similarly . . . Australia LNG Quatar is equally in the top 3 of exporters; we get a miserly $800m in royalties compared to some $38,000m . . . for similar Quantities . . . why ? Iron Ore we are the Worlds largest exporter of this "reddirt" but we have vitually NO Steel industry left in Australia . . . where are those jobs . . . moreso where are are All those workers . . .really most of us are redundant . . . overpaid "slackeys" . . . can be replaced by automation anyway . . . it's all a "cop out" ! ) THE ANSWER . . . despite extensive R&D into brown by CSIRO and Universities* . . . it has been left up to a struggling Victorian "minnow" Co tp prove up a intermediary solution (more on-line) enrichment of brown through moisture reduction and densification if integrated into an existing coal supply old technology brown power station using its' surplus low cost underutilised heat waste for coal drying at relatively low cost would reduce CO2 emissions by 11 to 15% and no doubt similar higher calorific qualify for those absurd carbon trading subsidies etc Damn it ! . . . recently we have sold the concept under license to India . . . no doubt also for a pittance and wrapped up in all sorts of "gobble-de-gook" This R&D seems to have gone completely un-noticed or ignored by the "system" overpowered by all the "bullshit" and lack of insight by the powers that be, bureucrats, Governments, investors . . . all for the sake of the "money cow" . . . the exploited AND gullible taxpayers Now at the pilot plant stage . . . arguably underexploited by that Company itsely who also appear not to have the markrting "nouse" . . . either

* so What is wrong with CSIRO ?

  • . . . informed Government "meddling" . . of many talented people and ideas but hindered by ill-.

  • . . . "lack of guts" by Australian investment Institutions

  • . . . part of the problem. . . the "Charter" of CSIRO itself is

  • . . . an explanation over years of the "brain drain" and continuing exploitation of Australian technology by Internationals who do have the "smarts"

  • as We ceertainly don't 1

to be continued

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